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About Us


Who We Are

We are The Greek Olive Estate, a company established in 2012 by Costas Mathiopoulos with a vision to promote the High-Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our small rural village and share our love for our land.


Born in 1949, Costas would later move around the world and settle in the UK in 1981, becoming a major supplier of agricultural produce to UK supermarkets for over 20 years.

In 2012 he set up The Greek Olive Estate to show the world what our little village, in a pristine natural environment could offer.

Today, we work hand in hand with other local, like-minded producers and family members to consistently produce the highest levels of polyphenols in olive oil measured worldwide.

Where We Are

Located in the historical region of Arcadia, on the slopes of the mountainous valleys of the Alfeios River, our village has been a stop along the Alfeios River dating back to Ancient Greece for travelers heading to Olympia to take part in the first Olympic Games.

Inhabited for thousands of years and having changed many names our village was renamed Kato Rizospilia in 1988 and is today part of the Municipality of Gortynia in the Arcadia Prefecture of the Peloponnese.

A primarily agricultural area, for thousands of years, wild olive trees have grown in harmony alongside beneficial herbs and aromatic plants, harvested in a timeless ritual and tended with meticulous care by our ancestors.

Rizospilia view 1.jpg
Olive Harvest 2010

What We Do

In 2010, although we knew our olive oil was different, we discovered that the cause of this difference was the very high level of naturally occuring polyphenols. Over 30 times higher than previously thought possible.


We spent the next few years developing our harvest and milling practices and testing with the help of lead researchers in the field of healthy olive oil and in 2016 produced the first olive oil with over 3000mg/kg Total Polyphenols ever recorded.

Polyphenols are responsible for the majority of health benefits associated with olive oil and the focus of new research around Cancer, Alzheimer's, Autism and other ailments.

Today, we cultivate, produce and package High-Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with one goal: to preserve the natural flavour, quality and health benefits.


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Using the experience handed down through generations, combining it with modern research, harvest practises, milling techniques and by actively taking part in health benefits research, clinical trials and harvest tests we have gained invaluable knowledge which we use to produce, develop and improve our products.

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