Drop of Life Limited Reserve

Product Description:

protects LDL-Cholesterol from oxidative stress.

We proudly present Drop of Life LIMITED RESERVE, a Healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil with exceptionally high polyphenols, 12x higher than the EU health claim requirements.

Only the finest fruit from selected trees is chosen based on our experience, analysis and scientific advisors to offer you the healthiest olive oil we can! We mill the olives within hours of harvest under strict criteria to protect and preserve the highest level of polyphenols. We then package this precious olive oil in a limited number of bottles as the jewel that it is, creating for you the ideal healthy gift for your buisness associates and loved ones.

“The consumption of olive oil polyphenols contributes
                                  to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress” 
– EU Health Claim

A well-balanced early harvest olive oil, with grassy aromas, a medium fruit intensity and a bitter, spicy taste. Daily consumption of two tablesppons (20g) required for the Health Claim benefits to take effect.

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Example Polyphenols Content (.pdf)

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Product Info:    

Polyphenols:        2000+ mg/kg (using NMR) 
Variety:                 Olympia (a.k.a Nemoutiana)
Harvest Season:  September – October

What's so Healthy about Drop of Life Limited Reserve?

It’s a Healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil. With extremely high natural levels of polyphenols, our olive oil works to promote a wealth of health benefits towards; Oxidative Stress, Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Bone problems and the general Ageing of the body
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What is Healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Healthy EVOO falls in the same category as all EVOO’s with one key difference. It’s high level of naturally occuring Polyphenols.
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What are Polyphenols?

Polyphenols are nature’s protection. They have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that work to protect your body.
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Can I cook with Drop of Life?

Extra Virgin Olive Oils smoking point is at around 200 °C. Until olive oil starts to smoke there is no concern apart from the loss of some taste. Frying breaded items (highest temperature required) is at approximately 175 °C. By starting with a healthy olive oil, your dish will be more nutritious than if you cooked with something else. (e.g. Butter)

How do I store Drop of Life Limited Reserve?

Olive Oil’s primary enemy it oxidization. That happens with air and light. Once out of the box or pouch please keep the bottle in a dark place. Keep Drop of Life in a cool dark place, just like any other olive oil.


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