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Product Description:

The Greek Olive Estate is proud to introduce a new 150g fresh pack of tasty natural Greek olives with reduced salt and no brine leading to a healthy, clean and easy snack suitable on-the-go or to complement other dishes and salads. The reduced salt means that this product requires refrigeration to stay fresh leading to a tasty crisp olive free from excessive salt and messy brine.

Product Information:

  • Fresh Pack
  • Reduced Salt
  • Snack Size (150g)
  • No Brine

  • 90-day Shelf Life
  • Requires Refrigeration
  • Product of Greece
  • Certified Organic

Available Packaging:

  • Mixed Olives Pack
  • Different Sized Olives
  • Larger Package
  • HO.RE.CA Packaging

  • Pitted
  • Wedges
  • Stuffed
  • Marinated

What makes these olives special?

We have scoured Greece to find the best organic olives prepared using the traditional Greek method of processing. Free from chemicals and agents which speed up the curing process

What is the Natural Greek Curing method?

Our olives are harvested in the October – December season and left with salt and natural pH levelers for a period up to 6 months or until they are ready as opposed to the Spanish method which uses chemical agents to speed up the process to two weeks. The result is clearly evident in the taste of the final product.

Why do these olives require refrigeration?

We have lowered the salt levels to the absolute minimum we could leading to a much healthier snack, we’ve also removed the brine to make eating olives a much cleaner experience. Salt is only required in olives in order to maintain them. A job that can be done just as well with refrigeration.

Can I eat these olives out the pack?

That’s exactly why we made them! You can also add them over a salad, in an oven cooked meal, in pasta sauce or anywhere else.

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