Drop of Life – Organic (250ml)

Drop of Life – Organic (250ml)


Our Drop of Life Healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil naturally high in polyphenols with EFSA approved health claim.

“The consumption of olive oil polyphenols contributes
to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress”

A well balanced early harvest olive oil with grassy aromas, medium fruit intensity and bitter, spicy taste. Daily consumption of two tablespoons (20g) required for the benefits of Health Claim to take effect.

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Variety: 100% Olympia (a.k.a Nemoutiana or Choraitiki)
Area of Production: Rizospilia, Gortynia
Region of Production Arcadia, Greece

Typical Chemical Analysis

Acidity 0 – 0.5%
K268: < 0.22
K232: < 2.50
ΔK: < 0
Peroxide No.: < 25
Polyphenols: >1000 mg/kg * using NMR Spectroscopy

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