Innovations, Discoveries and Breakthroughs in Ancient Olympia |

The Oleocanthal International Society (OIS) recently gathered researchers and olive oil producers at the Olympic Academy in Ancient Olympia, Greece for the OIS’s third conference and the first Olympia Health & Nutrition Awards. Over 400 participants exchanged information about breakthroughs in olive oil research, a newly discovered olive tree varietal, and a completely new type of international olive oil competition.

In this Olympic year, the OIS decided to bestow awards to recognize the olive oils that contain the highest phenolic content, as well as the most innovative olive mills, the individuals and companies that promote research and development, and those that create fine recipes using high oleocanthal olive oils.

The highest in total phenolics, with 3076 mg per kg, was Drop of Life, which is derived from the newly discovered Olympia variety and produced by the Mathiopoulos family at The Greek Olive Estate.

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