About Us

We are a family run business starting with Costas Mathiopoulos. Born in Rizospilia in the 1940’s he later moved about, settling in the UK. In 1981 he became a major supplier of agricultural produce to UK supermarkets. After he moved back to Greece in 2008, and with the help of his two sons, in 2012 the family established The Greek Olive Estate.

Where We Are

The Estate is situated in the historical region of Arkadia, on the slopes of the mountainous valleys of the Alfeios River. For over 300 years, wild olive trees have grown in harmony alongside beneficial herbs and aromatic plants, harvested in a timeless ritual and tended with meticulous care by our ancestors. A primary source of energy, income, and food, these wild olive trees earned profound respect, a true living legacy.

Our village of Rizospilia, is located in the Municipilaty of Gortynia in the Arkadia Prefecture of the Peloponnese. It is a small rural village with about 40 registered inhabitants. Our family settled there prior to the establishment of Modern Greece and has survived on local produce for hundreds of years.

What We Do

Here at The Greek Olive Estate we cultivate, produce and package Healthy Olive Oil and Olives with one goal: to preserve their natural flavour, quality and health benefits.

We produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil naturally high in phenols from the trees in our village along with our family members and the other residents of Rizospilia.

In 2010, we discovered by chance that the olive oil we were producing had a very high level of naturally occurring polyphenols. These polyphenols are responsible for the majority of health benefits associated with olive oil and their concentration in our olive oil was over 30 times higher than what our analyst had seen before. We spent two years analyzing our olive oil, trees and soil. We met with scientists and specialists to understand what was responsible for the very high levels in our olive oil.

We learnt about the importance of the details and spent the next couple of years improving our practices and finding the right people to work with. In 2012 we discovered the EU health claim regarding Olive Oil Polyphenols and with the knowledge we had acquired, decided to market our own olive oil, we suitably named it Drop of Life and started our company The Greek Olive Estate.

Now we continue to produce our high phenolic Healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil, improving our products every year and introducing new, healthy olive products as we go.

We believe that high polyphenol olive oil and olives are a health superfood which should be consumed by everyone, everywhere, every day!


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